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of the main tourist attractions
in Iligan, Tinago Falls is also
one of the 20 waterfalls that
made the city known as the
“Land of Majestic
The “hidden”
140-feet high falls is tucked
away in a deep, narrow valley and
splashes into a clear, calm

this wondrous attraction, one
must hike approximately 500 steps
down a “winding staircase.” 
Since the trail has been
renovated into a wildlife park,
the trek exposes one to a variety
of wild animals.

— And so WE conquered!… ♥♥

On the way to ryan’s


————-but then, hapit man nasunog house nila ,,– nag hakot sa sila kadali. hehehe

————- sooo,, OFF we left afterwards.

cascading down the 500 stairway to the majestic waterfalls 
— sa bisaya pa, “sugod na ug hike panaug!” hhheheh

— reaching the bottom with trembling knees — it was all worth it!





After all the swimming,– serene escape ,, katkat na dayon balik sa hagdanan paghuman. hehehe
and so, all that’s left are pictures and memories, reminding me — that
Next time “I have to bring my All-Weather Case” with me!


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