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Me an d the girls out at REGINA wid my baby– =)


MARCH 28, 2008

After all the sleepless nights, the pressure, anxiety, and stress of preparing for graduation
it was finally realized!..

(above: During PINNING Ceremony wid Charry

(at CONSUELO wid Spyk, and Olin, Gene was there too and my dad
but i accidentally erased pics of them.. that was one hell of a nyt.. i got soooo drunk. my baby got so pissed, but it was alryt. =))

♥♥♥ ====== FINALLY, GRADUATION DAY! weeehhheee!

(wid My girls. .. Alot, Joy, and Dimple.. Si OLIN wala.. sobra nagpa-apekto wala ni paso! hheheh   but, CONGRATS gyapon to her and to all of US!)

and the best part.. my baby came over for my graduation… I love U b!.. mwah mwah
“its accomplishing another step.. just a step at a time, we’ll get there.. mwahhh! Love love!”


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