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  • I keep going back to the one thing i need to get away from— All this pain..
    Maybe you don’t get it .. no one probably does,
    How can they..? How can you when even I am ignorant to all this  feelings–
     Just when i finally found and felt Love.. it all didn’t end up right..
    All my life I’ve been so afraid to let anyone in..
    And then you came along,. you got me over that fear
    but then,. U left.. and all those feelings of fear came back even more stronger.
    I’m scared.. — I just am.

    You were the one who made me strong, you helped me find my peace
    and the strength to do the things i didn’t even think i can..
    We talked about tomorrow, but then it all slipped away, and i was way off-guard.
    We even talked about forever.. but now all we have left are just memories–
    and Forever just seem to vanish in thin air…

    I know now how you feel about me.. meanwhile, im still so sure about this feelings  for you..
    i guess its just but natural when here i am still holding on
    when i know that i should be letting you go.

    Here i am standing on a line between giving up, and seeing how much more of this i can take.
    Co’z i know that life is chasing after the things you truly think are worth it..
    I know that you are worth it even if it takes a lot of tears and pain…
    i’d rather have this feeling, than realize later I’ve settled for something I didn’t want
    & leave me wondering till forever if anything could even feel this REAL.

    Ever since that day, there hasn’t been a single moment that i haven’t thought of you.
    I try to be happy, trying to be free from all this sadness..
    and everytime i do,  the wound cuts even deeper than it used to.

    I learned to hold back my tears, and act like none of this matter.
    But i force myself this because i know you wanted me to.
    And everytime i take a step away from you, there’s always something bringing me back.

    Everybody looks at me and act surprised why im feelin’ this way..
    How can they know, when even I ask myself how i’m still able to manage to  breathe
    when im already asphyxiating.

    People think im strong enaf  to just let go and live.
    But the truth is..–
     Im the girl who seemed unbreakable; and now shattered.
    the girl who seem so strong but then crumbled.
    the girl who always laughed it off but then shed a million tears..

    I’m ignorant to this “Love” thing when everybody thinks im a guru, ..
    I’ve always been weak when everybody thinks im strong..

     Im not that same Girl.. not even close..—





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