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 MAY 10, 2008
Location: GATZ and YOMS with Batchmates

The guys i can’t live without…
even when im stubborn, they’re always around…

(I wanna post old pics of our previous reunions next time.. watch out for it!)

= = = @ GATS = = =



[Left: wid Marju  – “thanks marj, u always got my back labshoo!”]
[Right: Carlo – pic for his portfolio, hehehe]

[Top: wid Andrei (Pres.) and Me (Vice-Pres)

[Leeboy and alberto]

[Wid alberto – he adviced me to read Kerygma ..
“thanks sa imong words of wisdom bert.. Heartfully appreciated. Pasensya
kaw gyud shock absorber karon. hehe”]

= = = @ YOMS = = =

[Left: Carlo and Marju – bestfriends]

[left: the 3 idiots! hahah.. joke.. mwah!]
[Right: drei with kristin our 1st year classmate]




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