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It was a boring afternoon…
me and my cousin Farah wanted to go to the beach, but unfortunately we gotta stay home
to accompany our grannnies. Oh well, good thing it rained so hard, and this is what came up. heheh

[pics taken inside our compound]

I haven’t bathed in the rain for along time… lets say… about 4 years?
it’s not much actually, just simple things we can do to keep us intouch with nature and all..
Reminds us that simple things makes life worth living.

– “I love bathing in the rain, its like being a child again.. every raindrop washed away
every heartache, every bad memory, every guilt..
and then i realize,.. there’s a million of reason to smile each day!..
just breathe and live!,, be free.. enjoy the ride..


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