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    love lost… 

… I’ve shed a million tears
… found comforts on my sheets and pillows
… a mug of coffee after steaming hot baths
.. friends, suitors, and family
.. lost a friend, gained a million
.. he was here then, and now gone
.. i trusted him once, maybe never again..

                                                                       LOVE FOUND

– chaotic
– insisting
– charming and sweet
– he was the dearest friend..
– laid beside him, felt nothing but his heart beating
– too damn preoccupied
– I was weak and sentimental
– I cried .. his touch were soothing
– i realized ..
– then was then… now is Him.


In the shadows is where my heart used to dwell.

But those chains have been released from my wrists.

I can finally feel again, there’s no longer any sorrow inside.

I can finally fly, I can see and heal, I’m free.

So tell me, what secrets do you keep locked deep inside?

I want to help you, hold you, I want you and me now.

Your presence set me free, I want to do the same for you.

I’ll be your epitome of perfection, just give me a chance.

I love your mysterious ways and I’m craving this again.

I’m craving your touch, your presence, your warmth around me.

I can’t explain it, this is what you do to me, deal with it.

Your chaotic beauty gets to me, but people disagree and call me crazy.

Maybe they’re  right, sometimes
I  think it’s crazy to feel this way about you.

But, this is it now. What we have..

Well I can be the one to hold you tight

but release you when you ask to be free,

same goes with me.

I just don’t want to drag this on if there’s really no chance.

All I want is to pull out the best in you, if you’ll let me.

I’ve learned to love you, but sometimes the one you fall for isn’t ready .

I’m not ready, never was.

But with every piece of my dying broken heart, I hope you can catch me.

Because I’ll always be waiting here with open arms, waiting for you to be.

– dKaie xoxo

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