Left my heart in Iloilo — (felicity)

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Packed my bags to meet my sister at Quezon City. Trying to meet her halfway. I from work at cavite and her from her conference at Antipolo.
We rushed home to pack and left immediately for the airport to catch the 6PM flight to Iloilo City.

7:45 – arriving iloilo airport..
> im getting very excited as to what iloilo have to offer. It’s my very first time on the place so i pretty much can’t bear the excitement. 🙂
> From the airport, we took a cab to Smallville to meet up with friends Jarah and Rena Mae.
> there’s supposedly a van much cheaper like 50.00 to transport from the airport to city proper, but since it was our first time there… we took a cab and paid 500.00 for it.

8:45 – met with Jarah, Rena and Krissa (my sister’s bestfriend who met with us at Iloilo from Iligan CIty).
> awed my the nice hotel and party places to go to. Smallville accommodates everyones need from chill-out jazz music to coffeesshop, and plain restaurants and restobars.
> since we have luggages with us we decided to go to shena’s place to meet-up with her and leave our bags before starting the night and explore iloilo.

iloilo 115   
> after leaving our bags and dragging sheena with us. we went to meet michael at MO2. A few sips of margarita, and we’re off to Tijuana – another resto bar owned by their friend.



> For us  to meet first time, we noticed a rush of bond between all of us.. that is seem like we’ve known each other for a long time. After a few chitchats and talk about life in general.. we transfered to another cafe infront of Robinsons (forgot the name) hehe and we ended the day around 3AM to prepare for our (ME, DM, and Krissa) roadtrip to CARLES.

– Thanks to Jarah who stayed with us at xin’s house — since xin had to work 2AM.

5:30 AM – our day started .. and we’re all super excited

6:30AM – 9:30 AM – Van ride to CARLES, Iloilo.

Van Driver : Kuya Baldo Aquino Jr. 

And so, our day started: 
















(more to come)  


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