Revisiting this old blog and here i am…

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I already transfered to another blogsite..


but this blog made me want to continue blogging here instead. silly

It’s weird to revisit my past as i have expressed my emotions through words.. I found myself breathless, and felt the highs and lows of how i lived my life the past years.

The last time I blogged here was when I was back in my hometown at Iligan City  a fresh grad, lost and hearbroken and how i picked up every broken pieces of me. Sad but a truly learning experience.

Now, here i am settled myself in the Metro and still blogging and will continue to blog until the end of my days. I am now living an entirely different life as to how i had it before. But as always.. life is never a well-paved road.

Big thanks to my:

> CLCKERS camera Club – a group of young amateur photographer who wanted to make it big in both photography and chosen career.

> Project Pearls, Photo Kalye and Ulingan family – through our passion of helping and hopefully uplifting the lives of our ulingan children we found ourselves growing not only through experience and dedication.. but we are growing as a FAMILY.    @(–;– – SHARE EXPERIENCES, SHARE LOVE.

> and all the friends and people that i meet along the way.


— im thinking of continuing to blog here.. but, we wait and see. clueless


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