Mid-Life Crisis

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3 months of being here in Dammam., and it seem like forever already.. an abrupt life-changing experience from metropolitan life to out-of-nowhere in the desert.

it’s a huge change for me, I wasn’t able to imagine that i’d survive this kind of life, but i guess– so far so good. 🙂

Being away from family, friends and my boyfriend made me do a lot of thinking. Regards to : future, investments and savings.

With Arman, it’s been kind of difficult lately.. this distance is i think devastating him as he is obviously not used to long-distance relationship.
In my case its not that im an expert on it or something,, it’s just that… maybe our endless quarrel strengthened my determination of working abroad. And because of that i never had any regrets leaving.

– is how i describe my relationship with Arman. He’s just that person who’s difficult to deal with.. I honestly can’t catch-up with his moodswings and i just can’t get into his head. I have to admit the fact that I’m having a hard time pleasing him.
Everything about what we have is way different of what you can call ‘normal relationship’. Fighting and disagreements seem to be always the cherry on top. And that mostdays we just can’t keep our paws to ourselves.
If this is marriage and in America, we’d probably spend thousands of dollars for therapy. 👫

This is where my mid-life crisis comes in. Yeah, yeah I am aware that I am getting older.. and yes i have even thought that i’ll be 30 when I finish my 3 years work contract here in Dammam.
Everything is too much pressure. Future plans and investments..


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