Love just a’int enough

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I’ve been trying to get perspective on things as to my priorities and what i really want in life.

i just ended a 1 year and 5 months relationship with Arman. It’s weird how things have to end that way.. but maybe it could be just what we both need. Space.

 there’s these never ending non-sense quarrels and disagreements — its very sickening already. And today, maybe he just crossed the line.

It’s like a balloon popped in my head and i was awakened to the reality that what we have now is irreconcilable. The never ending disagreements and being in each others throats is already beyond tiring.  and geezzee! there’s always this non-sense disagreement that crosses-over. Its all bits and pieces. But bits and pieces of something when gathered together is huge! All along i’ve been very patient hoping  of something nice to come out on all of this. But then again, there’s always that automatic halt button that tells us to just stop.

And, I never had a second of regret whatsoever! ^_^


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