رمضان‎ Ramaḍān: 1st day

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I am not a muslim and not converting. But i am fasting with them.
People fast for different reasons. One example are my Indian colleagues where they sacrifice by fasting if they want something to happen positively.. e.g. and upcoming exam, or choocing a right guy for marriage.

In my case.. i decided to fast because all these years.. it has been a pretty roller-coaster ride. And inspite of it all I am very thankful for all the things that has been given to me. All the opportunities. The people I met. Places I’ve been.. and being able to surpass trials in style and grace.

I decide to fast to show appreciation, sacrifice and deep respect to my muslim friends since childhood together with my new found saudi people that i meet during my stay here.

i don’t believe that religion should separate us. And being here in saudi, in order to enjoy fully and understand them is to blend in. Blending in doesn’t mean that you have to be one of them. It just means enjoying their norm and not criticize.

Anyway, i woke up today 2:30 PM and gosh i was both hungry and thirsty. And maaannnn can i no help but think about FOOD. 4 hours seem to be forever for just a sip of water. And what I did — I watched a movie to divert my thoughts in eating. I will do yoga tomorrow I will see if it will work better. 1st day of fasting. SUCESS! 29 days more to go! wheewww! ^_^



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