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I woke up today with a headache and maaaannn i’m very tired. I have very low tolerance to heat. If I’d be out right now, I’d prolly be having asthma attack or i’d faint due to heat stroke. 

I’m having these thoughts again about the world and myself. Just seem like I miss taking walks in the city and watching architectures and the esthetic design of things. 

I love seeing fast cars, and crazy drivers. infact I miss the time with my friends back home when i’m in the front seat during a car race and they’d talk about who won the bet and who’s got faster engines. I also miss just sitting in a cafe with my laptop, camera and coffee —  and watch a man pass-by then think about the story behind his/her grin or smile. Or maybe,, I like to watch people and guess about their character just by his gesture, his attention to detail, his reactions, his stare — whether or not he’s the optimistic type or whether he/she got thunder clouds above his head.

Just people and the world interests me.

I remember few nights ago and this friend told me that being here in saudi ‘i’m like a beautiful bird in a cage waiting to be set free’.. Although at times i think of it like that, but– there’s peace in all these restrictions. Because all my life I have been so busy and active about everything. It’s either of doing something, or my mind is thinking on what next crazy thing to do.– and being here in saudi changes that. Only here I experience long peaceful sleep, focus to myself and serenity.

There’s beauty behind everything and not many would have appreciated the restrictions, but then again ‘it is the basis of its appeal’.

True, I love diversity. Routine bores me. And i don’t ever want to talk about stupid manicure, hair or heels… Tell me about the world– (people and places) then i’d listen.

I always love doing crazy things and living life in style. And I have absolutely No Clue what will Happen Next, Just I believe for a Fun and Crazy Journey through all Life’s Chaos.






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