Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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I have been going to and fro Dammam – Riyadh during my day-off work. I love to spend my time with my cousin Michelle and Tita Hermina Clarito who both work at  King Abdulaziz Medical City – Riyadh.  

Riyadh is the largest city, the central region and the capital of Saudi Arabia. 

When I first went to riyadh, it was during my birthday last June 8, 1984. It was my first time to see my cousin after years. It was a bit awkward due to some issues about her pregnancy. but.. past is past. Michelle has become a strong woman and i admire her for it. Now, she’s making sound decisions and she’s a much tough young woman and I am proud of her.

Anyway, that first travel to Riyadh was horrible. 1st time I travelled by bus with a colleague and only 2 of us female. There was gender segregation but due to the fact that only 2 of us women were there it wasn’t really specified. It was a rough 5 hour travel to riyadh and with 2 stops along the way for food and washroom. 90% of the travel was seeing plain desert and the bus would not go beyond 120. The whole trip was boring. Not to mention the rest of the passengers are looking at me and my colleague strangely as if they were going to eat us. It was bad experience for me. 



Finally, after grueling 5-hour travel, we arrive Riyadh safely. My cousin was there with Kuya Quir and his sons at the bus station and drove us to National Guard. I was in awe by the hospital. It was soon-to-be the largest hospital in the world. I can’t even compare it to where I work! It was amazing!.. 

Meeting Tita Hermie for the 1st time felt great.. we have spoken so many times over the phone but not personally. Only by pictures and phone-calls. Since it was my birthday, I bought them dinner by delivery from Sizzler House.

After dinner, me and Michelle was chatting non-stop and catching up for all the things that we miss since the last time we saw each other on 2007. Gosh, i didn’t realize til’ not that it’s been 5-years!

The next day,. (JUNE 9) we went to Kingdom Tower. Entrance fee is 35SAR just to get to the top and it was all worth it.


I had so much fun at riyadh, it’s my kind of place to be. It’s more city compared to Dammam. Unfortunately, it’s strict there especially when it is the center of the parliament.

June 10 was my cousin’s birthday but I cannot stay because i have to work. This time I took the train on my way back alone. It was nice experience, more comfortable of course and I get to charge my cellphone while on travel. 

Since then,, i’ve been coming to and fro riyadh during my days off work. It feels nice that it’s free and open at National Guard compound. I met very nice people from Rehab, Pedia Department and some others too.

here are some pictures during my stay there:


While writing this, i am in my bedroom here in Faesaliyah and on my 2nd day-off. I wanted to go back riyadh again but i have broken schedules this coming days so it’s not possible. I’m requesting for day off at Sept 5-7  to attend Tita Norma’s (Tita Hermie’s bestfriend) maasalama who has been working at National Guard for 20 years. She’s migrating to United States this October so it’s one huge party. 

Inshallah it will be granted.. i can’t wait!




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