Sky so blue

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When i arrived in manila after 12 hours plane ride from Dammam-Abu dhabi- then abu dhabi-manila, iwas lucky im able to squeeze in to Manila-Ozamis flight via Cebu-Pacific. Took me only about an hour and i was already in touchdown in Ozamis city.

My heart was raising and I can barely hold my excitement because its my first time again to smell fress air, sea and mountain breeze and pouring of college memories..

i havn’t been back here since 2008 and since i brokeup with my ex boyfriend.. but still, the excitement is killing me..

I have to take the tricycle from Ozamis Airport to Port. and on my way thrre, i passed by my old college,, the restaurant where i usually eat with gene, and the places where me and my bestfriend Olinor used to hangout. It was quite a time during my stay in ozamis and both my ex-boyfriend and Olin have really contributed a huge part on it.

Anyway, Tricycle driver dropped me at the port and i have to wait and for about half an hour for the next barge.. didnt take much time and i was already in the middle of the sea in the bus via the barge on my way to iligan.

Inspite all the things im feeling, all the anxiety was distracted when i saw the sky and sea waters so blue.. its like everything was a national geographic photo of best places in the world. it was breathtaking. The rest of the trip i was day dreamingand looking to the sky mostly thinking about the reality of my reason for coming home..


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