Looking back.. Emergency LEAVE (Death of my father)

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It was all mixed emotions during the death of my father.

We were never really close but somehow we have fun when we hangout. I know there’s not a perfect relationship.. somehow, me and my dad.. our relationship was just acceptable. I stayed at the funeral home with my sister for days and i didn’t go out. I even saw my grandmother on the day of the funeral itself.

—– heart —–

After the sleepless days and nights of the funeral and flight from saudi.. i finally pampered myself and went for a spa in a local spa salloon in my hometown. I forgot the name actually, massage was awesome, sauna.. and food.. kiss Sunset beach is very nice.. but i still prefer our local massage saloon. You get the best deal at a very cheap prize. ^_^

—– heart —–



                                         Dinner with Jihad at Inang’s. Its a seafood restaurant that offers one of the best dishes.

—– heart —–

AT SILVESTRO’S CAFE  & then to Iliganon’s. Carlo was  trying to impress me with his singing skills.

(Years ago.. he used to sing to me before too. ^_^)

—– heart —–


@Aruma Cafe

– I purchased a month unlimited mobile internet. Unfortunately, being used to the very fast internet in saudi arabia.. you get to compare internet in the Philippines is like super slow. So, I decided to go to Aruma.. hangout and meet old friends. 🙂

—– heart —–

—– heart —–

To Ozamis City and back. — running errands and visit my bestfriend Olinor at the same time. 🙂

—– heart —–

FLY to Manila for my PROJECT PEARLS WEEKEND. Check our website here:

—– heart —–

—– heart —–


Movie date, coffeeshop, and ferriswheel ride with my bestfriend dhanie at SM MALL of ASIA

—– heart —–





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