1 year and 4 months since my last post.

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I’m back again blogging. It seem that whatever I do or .. wherever I go I’d be coming back to blogging over and over again. I might as well continue this thing right?

To everyone’s surprise especially my mom, I am now here in Dubai.. it’s my 18th month since I moved here in Dubai from Saudi Arabia. How unexpected right? .. well… see, i really don’t know where to start as so many many things have happened since leaving saudi and moving here.

Any update?..

To start with..

1. I am now with a really awesome guy who is like the man version of myself. he is great and was a colleague from my previous work in Saudi Arabia. He’s an ER Physician and I was in ICU back then so yeah,, guess what.. we’re staying together actually here in Dubai.

2. After my work in Saudi Arabia as an ICU Nurse, I accepted a job here in Dubai as an OPD Nurse, and unfortunately.. things didn’t quiet workout with me and those people in there.. so, im now in a hunt for a new job while for the meantime enjoying it meeting new people and going to different companies and hospitals for interview and submitting my cv.

3. I lived in 3 different places the 1st one was in France Cluster, International City — stayed there for about 6 months until we were able to move to our own flat in Emirates Cluster kind of a bit further but its a new place and more cleaner than our previous one. Plus, much closer to Dragon Mart (it’s a china-town of Dubai where you can see all shops and stores from retail to wholesale in everything you can  click here for their website) and a year after which is now we moved to this peaceful place in Discovery Gardens Mogul Cluster.

4. We got 2 cats: Our cream colored pure breed grumpy 7 y.o Persian COCO and a black colored super sweet TifannyPersian breed MIMI. They are love!

5. After leaving my job in Mediclinic, I went to exit in Doha, Qatar and stayed with my friend Angel, stayed with her and family for almost a month and then came back to Dubai for Visit Visa.

— So much things happened and I really don’t know where to start. I guess I’ll have to take it a day and a time ..


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