2014 in review.

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JANUARY: I got my new HTC and habibi got his new Iphone 5s. I’m not really a fan of Iphone.. Still a sucker for android mobiles even when I got the Ipod. Ipad. and a 27 inch iMac heheh

2014-01-28 22.14.11

FEBRUARY: Food. Love. End of Winter.

2014-02-20 09.18.52-2

MARCH: My first ever grilled chicken. LOL.

2014-04-03 22.03.34APRIL: Got a new Persian-Tiffany Cat. “MIMI”

2014-04-30 07.19.34-3MAY: Cousin arrived in Dubai. Bu Qtair (really good fish. I’ll post a separate review about it). And first time out in our work uniform together.

2014-05-07 21.22.23 2014-05-07 17.59.262014-05-20 17.26.19JUNE: 4DX. Seafood in a Bucket. Friend Jai in Dubai. Carluccio’s. Love in a Box. ^_^

2014-06-11 16.26.00 2014-06-11 19.16.27 2014-06-12 21.22.21   2014-06-26 15.25.172014-06-16 17.30.46JULY: Me and Smitha’s Mediclinic resignation2014-07-10 20.27.32

SEPTEMBER: Travelled to DOHA (shown in my previous post). YOGA. Fitness.

2014-08-10 13.33.27OCTOBER: Beach. New Apartment.2014-09-14 18.08.51 2014-11-02 19.05.38NOVEMBER: Bookclub.2014-11-08 20.36.47DECEMBER: Housewife. waiting for license.

2014-12-21 20.50.28


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