Banana Cake.

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Since me and hubby moved from saudi arabia and lived together here in Dubai, I learned so many things. I know i’m selfish,, but after almost 2 years of staying together, I started to not only become selfless I also enjoy the kitchen especially when I see that he appreciates the simple things that I cook for him. I used to do only, automatic food (hotdog, pancit canton, scrambled eggs.. to name a few. It’s like those things you toss in oil or let it boil and wallah!,, FOOD! haha). But he is very appreciative in these small things and it did inspire me to enjoy “housewife-things” (cooking, cleaning,, laundry.. etc etc. etc). lol

So, with the help of Youtube, Pinterest and other social media, I searched  Banana Cake. I feel like having this craving (because I think my period is coming and you all know how these crazy craving come that time). So, I tried my first ever banana cake. Well.. the 1st one was a flop. LOL (below)

– – – – – – – –

Not only it’s burned, it didn’t rise like it’s supposed to. I followed this Low-fat Banana Cake recipe and it just didn’t work — so off to the trash bin. (GOODBYE!)

2015-01-05 23.50.21

– – – – – – – –

Because I’m not a quitter, and my cravings are really bad, I decided to make another one immediately and I found this super easy recipe online. Thankfully it came out just perfect. Not bad for a 1st timer, ey?? ehhehe

RECIPE right here

2015-01-06 01.33.57

I noticed that most banana cakes are also paired with cream cheese frosting so I decided to make one too. I don’t have a photo but here is a photo of my final product:

Recipe here:

2015-01-06 14.19.42

If you try this super easy Banana cake.. let me know how it is! .. as i think i found my ultimate no-sweat banana cake recipe! ^_^


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