1st ever Bread bun.

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I have Gastroparesis for years.. and I still can’t handle fibers and protein-rich food. Basically, I can only tolerate simple carbs, otherwise I suffer from very bad gastritis and a terrible bezoar formation which I can really feel for days after eating vegetables or meat.

So, I’ve been finding some recipes online which works for me. I realize I cannot eat any fatty and high-sodium foods. But anyway, maybe I’m just bored today, I came across this really simple bread-bun recipe by Maangchi.

This is my first attempt and for a beginner like me, I’m quiet pleased with the result. ^_^

I did the instructions as exactly as in her recipe: link attached here

  • But I really don’t use butter because of the fat and cholesterol so I substituted it with olive oil instead. So far, it’s still fluffy and tasty. A good jam or peanut butter will be perfect for this bun.

2015-03-19 15.33.31(Above photo was before I put these guys in the oven)

17 mins after.. it is beautiful and fluffy! (happy me!) ^_^

2015-03-19 15.59.14


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