Pan Seared Salmon with mashed sweet-potatoes and veges.

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I was browsing through my friends updates in Facebook and I came across my friends post where he made salmon and veges.

I’ve been only learning how to cooks since 2 months ago, and before that I never liked the kitchen. Although I’ve been watching so much MasterChef back when I was still in college (10 years ago), It never really got me to a point of cooking for myself.

Now, times have changed and staying with someone made things even challenging. So, being stay-at-home for few months after quitting my previous job (and still finding for a new one) I’ve learned a great deal of household stuffs. I’m kindda’ proud of it. ^_^

I order my fresh fish online with ARABIND for almost 2 years and they deliver fresh fish right to your doorstep. So, I’ve been having fresh fish/seafood ever since!

For the Fish:

  • (I did order the big one, but unfortunately the delivery guys called my mobile to update that they don’t have the bigger piece, what I do find cool with their service is that they call if there are some changes to your order)
  • I don’t like the fish smell, or fish taste, I feel like I smell blood on it (see why I’m not a huge kitchen fan!.. ) so what I do is,,  I usually marinate my fish with lemon for about half an hour before I start cooking because I feel that it removes (or at least decreases the fishy taste).
  • salt and pepper, some rosemary, thyme and chili powder
  •  then I pan-seared it until a little golden brown and did the same on the other side.

Mashed Potatoes:

  • – I actually found a quick easy way to soften the sweet potatoes and I found it amazingly fast and tasty.
  • – peel of the skin, puncture the sweet potatoes using the fork all over it.
  • – put in the microwave for 10 mins in high heat (just remember to flip it over halfway through) and then when it’s done the potatoes should already be soft.
  • – heat up 1/2 cup of lowfat milk in the pan when boiling add the sweet potatoes and mash them (I used the fork, lol)
  • – salt and pepper to taste, then serve.

For the veges:

  •  it’s actually frozen veggies, I just heated a Tbsp. of olive oil and add in the frozen veggies and then stir once in a while until it becomes a little dry, sprinkle salt and pepper to taste, sometimes I add in garlic and chilli powder and then serve.

You see, I like simple cooking. I’m lazy but I also want to learn,. just I’m very new in this cooking thing and I do find it challenging.

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