Being a cat Mom — Mimi’s surgery.

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I grew up in a house with a lot of dogs. When I say a lot.. i mean like could to up to 15-20 dogs in a time. My grandma loves dogs and I still remember each and everyones names and from different dog breeds. We had german shepherd, shih tzu, labrador,  terrier, doberman to bulldog.. we had all different breeds. They were family.

2015-04-18 17.02.59I never really expected I get to love cats as I do now. Coming here to Dubai, there were certain restrictions to pet allowed in the building. So me and hubby decided to adopt a cat. Coco a ginger 7 y.o. moon faced  Persian.

2015-05-02 17.59.23

It didn’t take long we fell inlove to this jet black 1 y.o  Persian-Chantilly girl Mimi. We took her home and since then she was our princess..

2 weeks before my travel to Oman for visa change exit, mimi transformed from being so feisty and playful to being severely weak. I was so worried that I had to rush her to the clinic and needs immediate surgery. The doctor did xray and ultrasound, and some IV fluids were given to rehydrate her as she was severely dehydrated– her skin was mottled and her BP was very low that time. I was in total panic and worried that it hurts to think  that she might die.

We got her admitted and did whatever was necessary for her surgery.
2015-04-11 18.29.28

I hear her cry, I think it was when they were trying to insert her IV and because of the severe dehydration it was almost impossible for them to find a vein. It was hurting me.. as if she was my child and I’m imagining that they had to poke her with needle several times. I know because as a nurse I know how difficult it is to find a vein to a severely dehydrated patient.

 PHOTOS below during her hospitalization – she was so weak and lost a huge amount of weight during the 3 days of suffering.

 2015-04-11 18.31.33
2015-04-11 18.47.26

Me and my partner waiting for 3 hours while Mimi is in OT.

2015-04-12 11.51.03

It was gruesome wait we don’t know what to expect or how everything will be. He’s a doctor and me being an icu nurse I feel sick  to my stomach thinking that Mimi as if she’s our child to undergo such pain. The anxiety was definitely killing us. We were so restless but there was nothing that we can do.

Finally, after surgery the vet came out and told us that we can see her. They did laparoscopy and took out bundles of thread blocking her gut. My mimi had obstruction. We knew from the time before I rushed her to the hospital that she hadn’t passed stool or even urinated, she wanted to eat and drink but unable to.. minutes out from surgery she was groggy from the sedative but she knew that we were there and she wanted to come to us. She even peed after a while. The doctor said it was a good sign. Seeing her fighting to be strong I am deeply proud of her. Our Mimi is a very strong girl.. ❤

2015-04-12 15.53.31

We had to leave her at the clinic and checking on her everyday til she fully recovers and ready to be back home with us.

After 5 days of admission, I received a call from the Petzone personnel that we can take her home. Without any delay we went to pay off bills and took her home. Below is a photo of her and her daddy tired and asleep.. So happy to have her back!

2015-04-16 15.51.07


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