2 pounder Cowboy Steak

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I’m not gonna’ boast that i’m the best cook, because I’m really not. I learned cooking just in 2 years and before that I can barely fry an egg.

But I really enjoy watching food network, and my boyfriend is just so appreciative of my small efforts until it became cooking to a 2-inch ribeye steak. It was honestly very risky because I have never done it in my entire life. But i guess,, thats what love can do. Make you do all the things you’ve never done before.

Somehow, it did turn out really great. he was very pleased and very surprised. lol.

I’m not even sure if I can do it again… but I do hope I will be able to. heheh.


Taken by Love – Melissa Foster

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21937710 I have a hunger for crime novels. But once in a while I find Contemporary Romance easy to read and enjoyable.

This book is just well written. A very first of my Melissa Foster’s Series of novels.

Highly recommended.

5 stars.

Thankful for Being ALIVE.

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Thank you for the air we breathe.

For being grounded.

For the love around me.

For days that brings opportunities.

For Being ALIVE.


You Pick My Next Five Novels!

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I challenged myself to read 50 books for 2015. As per my goodreads, I read 5 and I’m behind 6 books already. .

Gotta focus and up my game!
I think this is a nice preference for books to read..

101 Books

So praise baby Jesus that I’m wrapping up Naked Lunch, and it’s time to pick the next five novels I’ll be reading from the Time list.

We’re starting down the homestretch here. The next novel will be my 80th, meaning I only have 21 novels to read before this whole project is finished.

Every now and then, I solicit your votes to help determine which five novels I should read next, and that’s what we’ll be doing today.

So here are the 22 novels I have left to read:

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Pan Seared Salmon with mashed sweet-potatoes and veges.

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I was browsing through my friends updates in Facebook and I came across my friends post where he made salmon and veges.

I’ve been only learning how to cooks since 2 months ago, and before that I never liked the kitchen. Although I’ve been watching so much MasterChef back when I was still in college (10 years ago), It never really got me to a point of cooking for myself.

Now, times have changed and staying with someone made things even challenging. So, being stay-at-home for few months after quitting my previous job (and still finding for a new one) I’ve learned a great deal of household stuffs. I’m kindda’ proud of it. ^_^

I order my fresh fish online with ARABIND for almost 2 years and they deliver fresh fish right to your doorstep. So, I’ve been having fresh fish/seafood ever since!

For the Fish:

  • (I did order the big one, but unfortunately the delivery guys called my mobile to update that they don’t have the bigger piece, what I do find cool with their service is that they call if there are some changes to your order)
  • I don’t like the fish smell, or fish taste, I feel like I smell blood on it (see why I’m not a huge kitchen fan!.. ) so what I do is,,  I usually marinate my fish with lemon for about half an hour before I start cooking because I feel that it removes (or at least decreases the fishy taste).
  • salt and pepper, some rosemary, thyme and chili powder
  •  then I pan-seared it until a little golden brown and did the same on the other side.

Mashed Potatoes:

  • – I actually found a quick easy way to soften the sweet potatoes and I found it amazingly fast and tasty.
  • – peel of the skin, puncture the sweet potatoes using the fork all over it.
  • – put in the microwave for 10 mins in high heat (just remember to flip it over halfway through) and then when it’s done the potatoes should already be soft.
  • – heat up 1/2 cup of lowfat milk in the pan when boiling add the sweet potatoes and mash them (I used the fork, lol)
  • – salt and pepper to taste, then serve.

For the veges:

  •  it’s actually frozen veggies, I just heated a Tbsp. of olive oil and add in the frozen veggies and then stir once in a while until it becomes a little dry, sprinkle salt and pepper to taste, sometimes I add in garlic and chilli powder and then serve.

You see, I like simple cooking. I’m lazy but I also want to learn,. just I’m very new in this cooking thing and I do find it challenging.

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Haven outside my door.

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I’ve been going out a lot since summer started and how I realize this place is beautiful.

I love the gardens and the surrounding pools where I can hangout and enjoy the peacefulness whilst reading a book and listening to the birds chirping.

2015-03-02 15.54.20

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1 year and 4 months since my last post.

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I’m back again blogging. It seem that whatever I do or .. wherever I go I’d be coming back to blogging over and over again. I might as well continue this thing right?

To everyone’s surprise especially my mom, I am now here in Dubai.. it’s my 18th month since I moved here in Dubai from Saudi Arabia. How unexpected right? .. well… see, i really don’t know where to start as so many many things have happened since leaving saudi and moving here.

Any update?..

To start with..

1. I am now with a really awesome guy who is like the man version of myself. he is great and was a colleague from my previous work in Saudi Arabia. He’s an ER Physician and I was in ICU back then so yeah,, guess what.. we’re staying together actually here in Dubai.

2. After my work in Saudi Arabia as an ICU Nurse, I accepted a job here in Dubai as an OPD Nurse, and unfortunately.. things didn’t quiet workout with me and those people in there.. so, im now in a hunt for a new job while for the meantime enjoying it meeting new people and going to different companies and hospitals for interview and submitting my cv.

3. I lived in 3 different places the 1st one was in France Cluster, International City — stayed there for about 6 months until we were able to move to our own flat in Emirates Cluster kind of a bit further but its a new place and more cleaner than our previous one. Plus, much closer to Dragon Mart (it’s a china-town of Dubai where you can see all shops and stores from retail to wholesale in everything you can  click here for their website) and a year after which is now we moved to this peaceful place in Discovery Gardens Mogul Cluster.

4. We got 2 cats: Our cream colored pure breed grumpy 7 y.o Persian COCO and a black colored super sweet TifannyPersian breed MIMI. They are love!

5. After leaving my job in Mediclinic, I went to exit in Doha, Qatar and stayed with my friend Angel, stayed with her and family for almost a month and then came back to Dubai for Visit Visa.

— So much things happened and I really don’t know where to start. I guess I’ll have to take it a day and a time ..