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dont think.
just breathe.
stop crying & believe.
shut them all out, its only us now.
don’t look back.
i know you know how.
step by step, we rise and we fall.
but no matter what happens
well make it through it all
they said we wouldn’t make it,
not us. nope. never.
but I promise, I’ll always be here.
baby, forever and ever.



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Every passing day without you near, its breaking me— im this lonely..

wishing to hold u, feel you, but some things gotta’ come 1st.
Im getting used to it, — i really am —


CHN Duty @ Barangay Liposong, Ozamis City

Left* Sir Ucab, Francis and Harold  — Right* Nuryati

Left* Nur and Angel — Right* Nur, Angel and ME

Our very own sir Palang

Left* Olin — Right* ME (Always behind the shutter)

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Did nothing else but browsed, watched tv, eat and sleep today— BORING , i know.. heheh

Well, bumped into this really nice quote, here it is..

” when you start to bring all the pieces of your life together into one big jigsaw puzzle, it might take forever to solve, losing countless parts, some getting wet & soggy from crying and not fitting anymore, bending some parts out of frustration, and seraching endlessly for that one piece that connects it all together. Whatever that might be, never forget, the BiG PIcture was meant to be a Beautiful Masterpiece.


i think thats a really nice quote..

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Its a relief,.. just finished our Staffing rotation yesterday but we still got this drug literatures to submit… yah ya, our instructor won’t clear us until we got it submitted. Well,.. we still have to work on that.
And, we got another rotation coming up– starting tomorrow that is, *sighs* — wishing to forward time and get this over with..
And, my boyfriend is at his ORDR rotation ,, he just left like an hour ago actually, will be gone for two weeks —- my days are gonna be so,.. Blahhh — and im gonna be missing him badly — now, i really wish to  fast track time

(above) our last picture together.. bye baby– will surely miss u!